The Grandchild Connection Updated

Originally Posted 4/01/2014

March 6th, 1997 David Nicholas was born in Los Angeles county. His grandfather, Tom Nicholas was visiting a client in Idaho. I was about 40 miles away visiting a client. I rushed (took two hours not because of traffic but because I got lost) over to wait and visit with Grandmother Sylvann and Father Tommy Nicholas.
July 10th, 1999 Tom Nicholas and I were attending the NAHC FMC in Hilton Head South Carolina. A client ( funny that it was the same client that Tom was visiting in 1997) suggested that we go peel and eat shrimp and drink beer instead of attending that day’s programs. We watched the USA beat China for the Women’s World Cup on the bar’s TV and took a short bay cruise. While on the boat I got a call that Marisa Boyd was born.

The first grandchild for each of us.  Bless grandchildren everywhere.

Updated July 7. 2020

David Nicholas recently graduated from Pepperdine University having obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in three years.  Good going David.

Marisa Marie will turn 21 on July 10th and is taking college courses online.  Good going and keep going Marisa.

2 thoughts on “The Grandchild Connection Updated

  1. My Great Grandson Luke Hunter Rengelli was born on July 19th. Mom Logan, Father Chris and dog Diego are doing fine. Deigo is still deciding if adding another member to the family is a good thing. They are starting to cuddle some so I guess there is now a thumb up from all the family. Rog Carrington.


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