Lorelei Lea

My heart has been ripped out,

With only remnants left behind.

I hold on to life,

Holding on to what’s kind.


I pray for the pain to end,

Waiting for my sweet memories

To begin, closing my eyes,

I find her inside, the love

Of my ‘Sweet Pea’ will

Never End.


The sunshine I feel is

The warmth of her hug,

Secure in my arms,

My little ‘Boo Bug’.


The gentle breeze I feel is

The soft touch of her hand,

Caressing my arms,

Without a demand.


The birds sing and it’s

her laughter I hear,

Closing my eyes

I know she is near.


The starlight above is

The twinkle in her eyes,

Looking down at me,

Saying goodnight.

Written by Cynthia Ann Boyd for her Daughter Lorelei Lea’s ‘Celebration of Life’,   2/05/2008 – 9/27/2008.


5 thoughts on “Lorelei Lea

  1. Very Nice. Michelle Cagle Administrator Circle of Life Community Hospice 1575 Delucchi Lane #214 Reno, NV. 89502 775-827-2298 office 775-686-8384 cell


  2. Very well written poem Cindy, my heart is always with you and Lorelei so sweet & beautiful. She was my little Goddaughter & so precious but always smiling. Uncle loves & misses you on your 10th Birthday 🎂 Lorelei!!!


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