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We also have several Whitepapers available that you might find of help.

 Are You Getting What You Paid For?  – Review of the various types of CPA financial statements and Medicare requirements.

How to Hire A Business Consultant  – my article that appeared originally in Home Care Nurse (of all places.)

Medicare & Accrual Basis Accounting  – Where, why and when Medicare requires Accrual Basis Accounting.

Medicare PPS Rates & The Medicare HHA Cost Report  – The importance of the HHA Medicare Cost Report to the HHA PPS payments.

 The Yes, but…  – Aspects to consider when evaluating home health billing software.

Send an email to ssmith@simione.com  and request whichever one (or all) that you’d like to read.  And, just like the newsletter, they are free for the asking.

Please let me know if you have any questions or there’s a problem with any of the links.

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