Things that puzzle

1. You know

Peyton Manning is a great quarterback and also very smart and always a student of the game. However, when he is interviewed or at a press conference every other sentence or phase is “you know.” We played a tough team today, you know. I should not have tossed that interception, you know. The last drive we got lucky, you know.

He’s not alone, you know.

2. The clock

I can understand why there are no clocks at gambling casinos. They want you to lose track of time. But why no clocks at airports?

Time does not stop, you know.

3. The expression “pissed off.”

Clearly not a literal event. Why has it become common language usage? And why are we not insulted or bothered when it is used?

Pissing me off, you know.

4. The coming expression is Fxxk.

The word FxxK has increasingly become used more in daily language. “Did you see that fxxking touchdown? That fxxker at work messed up my schedule. The fxxker cut me off in traffic. I have to work this fxxking weekend.

Fxxk it, you know.

5. I hate football teams that abandoned their city and fans for money.


Sad, you know.

One thought on “Things that puzzle

  1. First to Peyton-he was also a speach major in college; clocks or time are located on the arrival and departure screens; as one who very rarely uses profanity or inappropriate terms it is a shame that our culture has become more tolerant of inappropriate language and I would add suck to the list; finally you left the Oilers off your list and even though I love the city of Nashville don’t love the Titans. Wishing you all a great Holiday Season and keep on dreaming


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