Helping others

How helping others can transform your business

You might be able to achieve greater business success if you focus on helping others, according to Adam Grant, management professor at the Wharton School and author of “Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success.” This process need not be time-consuming; in many cases, you may be able to improve someone else’s life with a favor, such as introducing them to a key contact, that takes just five minutes, he says. Intuit Small Business Blog (4/22)

One thought on “Helping others

    The Pleasure of Business Course
    Course Leader:
    Bill Lamond
    Irresistible offers are based on heart logic, not head logic
    Making irresistible offers looks like magic when you don’t know the technology.
    Irresistible offers enlist people immediately. Offers are accepted from the truth of ones being.
    Qualities of Irresistible Offers:
    * Total attraction
    * No compromise from anyone in the transaction
    * Emotional tone is joyful
    * Response is an automatic YES, a clear choice
    * Promotes an appetite for the actions to be taken
    * Pure pleasure, no coercion
    * Generosity of Spirit
    Pressure selling results in pressure hassle. This reduces the potential 100% enthusiasm to
    65% or lower. Selling can be irresistible, but only if it is not pressured.
    How to make an Irresistible Offer
    • Ask Permission to make the offer. If the answer is no, move on. There are 600 billion
    people on the planet. Don’t feel rejected when some say no.
    Why-ning to Winning 2. Skills For Success
    • Get their coaching. Ask them what they want. This is not just about money, what it will
    cost to make this deal. More often than not what they want is to be treated with respect and
    to feel that their needs are important in making the deal.
    • Make your own list. Compare your list with theirs. If there is not a 70% agreement on what
    you both want there isn’t the basis for an irresistible offer. Sometimes when you tell them
    there is not enough agreement for the deal, they will rethink their list and realize they want
    the deal and that some of the things they had on their list really weren’t that important.
    When, however, there isn’t a basis for a deal, ask if you can make them another offer some
    other time. They will usually answer yes because they know they will have a choice when
    you ask again. They know they won’t be beat up emotionally.
    • Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Once you see how the other person sees what you
    are offering, you may also see what else he/she needs. This is the time to suggest to that
    person what you see he/she needs. What you suggest is Value Added. People aren’t used
    to this and it contributes significantly to making your offer irresistible.
    • What’s missing? This is going the extra mile. Ask the question: “What else, which neither
    one of us can see at the moment, if offered would make the deal irresistible?” “What would
    truly enhance the offer if this something extra was added?”
    • Make the offer. It will be irresistible to them, when you hear from them “let’s play.” If the
    answer at this point is no, go back to step one. Ask if it would be OK to look at the situation
    again. Let them know you truly would like to find a way to work together and know that
    something isn’t right yet.
    Why-ning to Winning 2. Skills For Success
    Often they will say yes, but if the answer is still no, you will still have a relationship that will
    be continuing and at some later time, they will be open to hearing a new offer from you.
    This next time they may say yes.
    A thought for successful living: Ask yourself, is this moment irresistible?
    Notes taken by: Rogers Carrington


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