There is unemployment…

…and there is unreal unemployment.

I heard on the radio where 20% of the 2012 law school graduates are still unemployed and 40% of the 2013 law school graduates are still unemployed, or not working as lawyers (that explains some of the slow Starbucks employees). Boo hoo for them. We have, per population, 40-times the number of lawyers as Japan. Most of our politicians are lawyers. And yet we need more? I wish the lawyers in Congress would join the ranks of the unemployed.

Carpenters are unemployed due to the housing troubles caused by Wall Street, mortgage firms and bankers (more lawyers). Work is done overseas while we have unemployed and underemployed here, yet the executives make even more money for doing this.

The American work ethic seems to be going south and being led by the greed of the fortune 500 CEOs who get millions even when being fired for lack of performance. They deserve to be unemployed so then why do they get millions as part of their severance package (written by lawyers and determined by lawyers talking to lawyers)?

I am more proud of my daughter working as a CNA, and in the process overcoming and handling serious personal hardships, than I would be if she were a lawyer, employed or not.

I do have respect for a few lawyers. My industry is greatly blessed by one, but they are the 1% in their profession.

2 thoughts on “There is unemployment…

  1. Interesting statistics. The Feds in the past have investigated non traditional universities based on allegations about students unable to get employment. Maybe they need to look at law schools. Also maybe it is time to stop student loan programs for law schools and see what happens to law school enrollment. Finally something wrong with a profession that over the years has graduated more lawyers than necessary.


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