Corrupt Countries

Transparency International, a watchdog NGO, has published its Corruption Perceptions Index for 2013.
Here are the 10 least corrupt countries in the world, according to the index:

1. Denmark
2. New Zealand (tied with Denmark for No. 1)
3. Finland
4. Sweden (tied with Finland for No. 3)
5. Norway
6. Singapore (tied with Norway for No. 5)
7. Switzerland
8. Netherlands
9. Australia
10. Canada (tied with Australia for No. 9)

What of the United States? The world’s largest economy sits at No. 19 of 177 countries. I would like to think the politicians, bankers and Wall Street have contributed to our not being in the top 10. However, the first survey in 1995 had the USA at #15. I guess it shows even then we suffered from politicians, bankers and Wall Street.

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