My/Your Favorite Movies and You

Your favorite movies and what they can tell about you.

I read that a psychologist will study the movies favored by their patients and those also of mass killers to determine the effect of these on the person and what pattern may exist.

I thought I would list my favorite movies and see if there is a pattern.

I clearly identify with the high school nerd of “Can’t Buy Me Love”, the fat ugly bachelor of “Marty”, and the old guy of “UP”. All lonely dudes looking for love and finding it. “Pollyanna” is sort of early Joel Osteen in always look at the bright side of life and to be positive and kind.

The other movies reflect the story of individual men who strive to do the best they can, not always successfully, for their family, their community and to be true to themselves in doing so. Some get lost temporarily but find their way again. They do not get rich or famous but do find love and happiness.

“Can’t Buy Me Love” 1987 Patrick Dempsey
“Marty” 1955 Ernest Borgnine
“Up” 2009 Disney
“Pollyanna” 1960 Hayley Mills
“The Citadel” 1938 Robert Donat
“The Keys of The Kingdom” 1944 Gregory Peck
“It’s A wonderful Life” 1946 James Stewart
“To Kill a Mockingbird” 1962 Gregory Peck
“The Black Rose” 1950 Tyrone Power
“Prince of Foxes” 1949 Tyrone Power

What do your favorite movies say about you?

One thought on “My/Your Favorite Movies and You

  1. Tom, Very interesting perspective on one’s life from movie watching. I agree that one can probably make some deductions about another based on their movie watching HX, The only movie from your list I identify with is “It’s a wonderful Life.” I watch it every Christmas season, I love it! But I also love any and all Clint Eastwood movies; especially his spaghetti westerns. “Out-Law Josie Wales” is a favorite of mine as is “High Plans Drifter” because he sticks up for the bullied folks and he uses good old fashioned western firepower! Being a Montanan. I really appreciate that!


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