Season’s Greetings Cards

Boyd & Nicholas, Inc. sent out about 30 Christmas cards to clients, friends and colleagues, our first year of business in 1993. We received about 20.

This last holiday season we sent out about 475 Season’s Greetings cards to clients, friends and colleagues (we got more of each 🙂 ) and received about 20.

I guess the internet has killed the use of greeting cards or is it the cost of the stamp, the effort to buy stamps and cards, then address, sign and mail them?

We did get a lot of e-mail “season’s greetings.” I guess that is better than not getting them.

Hallmark must be sad about the lack of paper cards. I am too.

2 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings Cards

  1. Tom & Nancy

    Thanks for your Christmas card. They are becoming rather extinct. We cherish those we receive and put them on our mantle to enjoy through the holidays. Thanks for keeping this tradition alive.

    I suggest that if people respond in kind or not, you have done something that is meaningful to you and makes you feel good for doing it. The gift you receive is in giving to all those that have touched your life. That may be enough.

    Love, Rog & Leslie


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