Things I Don’t Understand

1. Tattoos

Why would anyone want to use their body for “art work?” Aside from being expensive and painful, they are ugly. Reminds me of what prisoners do because of their boredom as much as anything else.

2. Body piercings

Earrings I can understand. In fact, I want to get one with a lighthouse but Nancy won’t let me. But anywhere else including nose, tongue, and lips–I don’t get it.

3. Shaving

Most every dude in Hollywood today, movies and TV, are showing faces that are not cleanly shaved and not beards. Be it Danny on Blue Bloods or Brad Pitt in WWZ the fashion seems to be scruffy and un-shaved. You see them at the awards shows wearing expensive tuxes and suits and looking like they forgot to shave for a few days. Don Johnson and Bruce Springsteen who started this are now clean-shaven.

4. The loss of RSVP and written thank you notes

There was a time that RSVP meant please respond and people wrote, and sent a thank you for gifts received at showers, weddings, baptisms, graduations and other noted life events.

5. The expression “no problem.” My blog of January 29th, 2013 describes this as a pet peeve.

3 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Understand

  1. And Wedding invitations leave a stamped RSVP and some do not have the courtesy to reply and drop it in the mail…go figure.. And RSVP ‘regrets only’ never seem to call when they are not attending an event. Emily Post must be rolling in her grave at the lack of etiquette with Generation X and Y and whatever is next. However, it has rubbed off on some Baby Boomers and as well. Very sad..


    • Agree on body piercings and tattoes. When my son graduated from Texas AM after playing football there, I said my wife and i must have done something right because he graduated in 4 years with no pierced body parts or tattoes. I have reduced my shaving to twice a week to retain my youtthfull good looks. I always try to RSVP, must be the military in me, and ahve received TUs from all this summer’s weedings. All hand written except one that was a refrigerator magnet with the couple’s wedding picture and a nice thank you.


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