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One of my favorite ties; Tweety, Daffy and friends.


I don’t like neckties. I’ve worn them to work and for dressy occasions for decades, but I never liked them. So imagine my shock when I heard myself thinking recently: “Why don’t those jokers put on ties?” At the time, I was looking at a picture of world-famous leaders attending a recent conference and walking across a grassy lawn in a line wearing dark suits, white shirts, and no ties. It could not have been a coincidence because they were dressed identically. Normally, they would all have been wearing dark suits and ties but this time no ties. What gives? Apparently, according to a growing number of press articles, the tie is dead.

If the tie is dead (and that’s a big “if”), I should be happy because I hate ties, right? But I’m not happy, and here’s the problem. When I see the president of the United States or the chairman of Morgan Stanley wearing suits that look like they cost $2,500 and white shirts that probably cost $250 and no tie, I think they look, well, kinda silly. After all, the featureless dark suit and starched white shirt were designed as a setup for a tie. The suit and shirt are like the frame for a painting or the cone for a scoop of ice cream. Would you hang a picture frame on the wall with no picture in it or hand someone an ice cream cone without a scoop of mint chocolate chip? Of course not.

So, there are two ways to deal with this crisis. The one I prefer is to get rid of the dark suits and white shirts along with the tie. The problem with that approach is that there are a lot of wealthy, trend-setting folks with closets filled with $2,500 suits, and throwing the suits out won’t sit well with them.

So here is another approach. We should look at the disappearance of the tie as an opportunity. Let’s hang something else where the tie used to go. Now we’re getting someplace! The possibilities are endless. Here are some idea starters, men, for things we can hang around our necks in place of the neckties.

Photos of the kids
Diamond-studded smartphones
Colorful water bottles
Traffic tickets
Baseballs autographed by our favorite stars
Antler racks of the largest deer we bagged
Designer stethoscopes
Fly-fishing lanyards complete with snippets, tippet, and flies
Boy Scout merit badges, etc.

This blog article from Wells Fargo Daily Advantage of 10/25/13 and written by Peter Nulty, editor.

One thought on “Ties

  1. How about if we wear a picture saying #1 DAD. However, I do agree with the author of this blog, my Father put this up on his blog, and I agree that ties are hot and very uncomfortable and make it hard to breath and for anyone who is claustrophobic the tie can make you anxious and even worse in hot weather, it can cause a panic attack.

    So it’s time to relax because we are talking about the removal of the tie and we need a replacement or we will all look like we are on vacation. We tried getting rid of them once in the late 90’s with the shirts that had about a 1/2″-3/4″ collar all the way around and it was impossible to put a tie on with those shirts, thus these shirts didn’t last very long and fell out of fashion really fast. So my message is, get used to the tie, it isn’t going anywhere for a long time to come, but society is getting looser, so you may not have to wear the tie for the whole event you are going to; you can loosen the tie or even remove it at the reception or after the main event of why you got dressed up in the first place.

    I am assuming that the new dress code for “dressy casual” means slacks, a nice ironed shirt and no tie. But like Dad says it leaves a canvas “unfinished,” so to speak.
    -Colin Boyd


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