Yes, but…

The political parties are both experts at the yes, but game;

1. Yes, we can solve our economic problems but only if the other party agrees with us.
2. Yes, we can reduce the unemployment problem but only if the other party comes to their senses.
3. Yes, we can resolve the debt crisis and reduce the national debt but not if the other party continues to be obstinate.
4. Yes, we can improve social security and Medicare but not while the other party denies reality.

The political parties are confusing but with butt (as in butt heads) or perhaps buttocks (as in arse).

Yes, I am a registered voter, but darn if I can figure out why.

One thought on “Yes, but…

  1. Tom,   Political types don’t care about regular people… Are you surprised?  I am sure you are not.  The Country is a mess, and at least to me, it appears that it will get worse until the People do what they need to at the ballot box.   Bill  



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