It appears we may be in the midst of a national flu epidemic and people have died from the flu. The flu shot is not 100% effective but no one argues that not taking the flu shot is a better option.

Some health systems are requiring that all their employees have flu shots. The state of Colorado will require, beginning next year, that all healthcare workers get flu shots. Is this as serious to national health as polio, tuberculosis and non-pasteurized milk? Will non-health care businesses begin requiring flu shots of their employees just as some businesses refuse to hire or keep smokers as employees?

Some people object to being forced to get flu shots. As I understand some objected to polio vaccine, TB shots and pasteurized milk.

At B&N, Inc. we requested that all employees get flu shots. We paid for the shots and gave Starbuck’s cards to those who got the shots. All but one (of 7) got the flu shot.

Now what?
1. A democrat would mandate the shot as an employment requirement, for the health of all. And because they know what is best for them.

2. A republican would mandate the shot to insure that the productivity may not be effected by the one employee getting the flu. And have the employee pay for it.

3. A libertarian would leave the employee alone as the decision is a personal choice.

What did B&N, Inc. do?

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