Bully Bully

During my school years from 7th to 12th grades I was a bullied, lonely kid. It drove me to attempt suicide when I was 17. I hated high school and most everyone there. I understand being bullied and having a bullied kid go crazy and cause harm.

I had thought briefly of calling in a bomb scare to an early class reunion to cause the party to break up, not to hurt anyone. I never attended a reunion and never will.

Years later I ran into two of the guys that were among the bully boys. I learned one lost his dream job of being a fireman due to drugs and booze. The other seemed to be unhappy with an unhappy wife and kids. I felt sorry for both and we even had one paint our house.

I found it ironic that they talked of high school as being the good old days. Whereas, I thought I was living the good days; existing with Nancy & kids, and work that I loved (even before Boyd & Nicholas, Inc.)

I still try not to think of those years. The bitterness is gone and I am at peace because I forgave my high school classmates, and also myself. I learned in later years that bullied kids often feel guilty, as if they deserved the abuse and their low self-esteem.

One thought on “Bully Bully

  1. Oh Tom. So sad. My Michael was bullied mercilessly. I see some of the Moms of the “bully boys” sometimes and my stomach still turns. There really is so much truth to the statement kids can be cruel. They can. They are. So glad things turned around for you!!


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