Sad Times

It is sad what has happened and is happening to Greece. That they did it to themselves does
not make it any less sad. I wish them spiritual recovery and eventual financial health.

It is a different type of sadness that I read that French youths, largely college kids, had rioted
because the government is raising the retirement age from 60 to 62. Gee. I found it mind
blogging that the 20ish something kids would be so concerned about retirement some 35‐40
years away.

It would appear that some of the better concepts of life have no interest for them;

1. Love what you do so retirement is not a concern.
2. Set aside and invest some money over the years from college to 62. Modest savings with
compounding and reasonable investments can grow to a large amount over 35‐40 years.
(I wish I had done so).
3. Be an entrepreneur. Strive to better your life and that of your loved ones while doing
something you enjoy.
4. Regrettably, perhaps, but one of the results of college education is to create and train
the political and social leaders of tomorrow. Youth is to have the best visions of the
future. The French riots imply a lack of great expectations by this generation.

No age is too old to dream, and never stop working on your dreams.

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